General Information

  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Price: Full - £3895 + VAT
  • Early Bird - £3495 + VAT

Course Overview

5G-Mini-MBACommunication Service Providers, High-Tech Organisations, and Government should be taking a lead role in developing the requirements, technology and frameworks needed across society and the different industry verticals to enable the transformation and to meet the challenges ahead. First though, organisations need to develop clarity in their own position within emerging industry ecosystems; understand what is possible and where the value lies; build the capability to effectively evaluate opportunities and respond rapidly; to become highly customer-centric; and to partner effectively.

The task of building profitable and sustainable businesses in this environment falls to talented individuals and teams that can effectively evaluate their own markets and their organisation’s place within it; who react positively to change and embrace innovation; that can develop competitive advantage, strategy and business models with clarity and purpose; and execute that strategy whilst aligning processes, platforms, teams, individuals, performance & KPIs.

With this in mind, this programme has been designed to provide a solid foundation for executives and mid-senior managers as they meet the challenges and develop the opportunities that 5G, Connected Innovation, and Smart Technology brings to the organisation. We develop ideas, evaluate best practice, and explore ways to maximise those opportunities from the business point of view, with a full appreciation of how 5G technology will support the opportunities and value creation going forward.

Outcomes and Compeetency Development

Participants will develop or be able to:

  • Evaluate new business models based onConnected Innovation and 5G concepts; develop  sources of sustainable and transient competitive advantage in order to maximise profit and RoI
  • Evaluate and critically appraise yourorganisation’s position in the evolvingecosystems and future growth strategies
  • Identify and develop strategic business opportunities within the new digitaleconomy – leveraging changes to society,smart living, smart working, smart cities,the IoT, connected verticals, and big data -whilst aligning with concerns on security,privacy, and the rapidly changing nature ofour customers
  • Contribute much more actively to strategicdebate at senior level
  • Contribute fully to building a workenvironment that embraces forward-looking business practices, encouragesinnovative thinking, & provides a frameworkthat translates ideas into business success
  • Practically apply and implement bestpractice within your own business
  • effectively communicate complex ideas toensure consistency throughout theorganisation
  • Develop solutions more holistically -making decisions that are commerciallyviable, minimise risk, and in line with thestrategy and goals of the widerorganization.

The benefits to the organisation include:

  • A catalyst to optimise the 5G and Connected Innovation business opportunity; realign & reinforce strategy and performance; develop best practice; and break the silos
  • Maximise new revenues and return on investments – with rapid identification & evaluation; faster response to business opportunities; and more clarity on monetisation
  • Greatly strengthens the foundation to develop robust and successful business and operating models – enabling individuals and teams to recognise and develop best-practice across the organisation,  and to make business decisions that are focused, balanced, & grounded in business reality
  • A comprehensive and coherent programme that develops key competencies centred on new opportunities,  innovation, advanced technologies and business models
  • For in-house programmes, this is an ideal programme to develop greater clarity and unity throughout the organisation and within the functional teams


Day 1: The 5G and Connected Innovation Business Envirnonment

  • The Telecoms, Media and Technology (TMT) Business Environment and Emerging Digital Ecosystems
  • 5G Business Models, and 5G Value Creation Capabilities (Trust, Experience, Service)
  • Key Success Factors
  • 5G Use Cases
  • Key Industry Trends
  • Evaluating the Developing Support for Industry Sectors and Ecosystems
  • Examples and Case Studies
  • Regulation Across Industries
  • Standardisation Initiatives
  • Standardisation Time Lines
  • Business Simulation – Assessing Requirements

Day 2 AM: 5G Technologies & Technology Trends

  • 5G Technologies and Technology Trends
  • Optimising Legacy Networks
  • Evolutionary Paths to 5G
  • Network Architecture Evolution
  • Infrastructure Layer
  • Business Enablement and APIs
  • Business Application Layer
  • 5G Radio Access Requirements and Options
  • Candidate and Developing Access Technologies
  • Requirements in Support of the Usage Cases
  • Supporting Technologies and Systems
  • Working with Partners – Technology & Security Safeguards

Day 2 PM: Financial Analysis

  • Financial Analysis and Performance in a Digital World
  • Evolving Financial KPIs
  • Financial Modelling
  • Evaluating Projects – NPV and More
  • Financial Operation in a Complex Ecosystem
  • Operating within Large-Scale Multi-Party Project
  • Optimising Investments
  • Maximising ROI
  • Business Simulation – Developing our Ideas

Day 3: Positioning for the Digital Age

  • Transformation Within the Business – Maximising Success
  • Innovation and Creativity – Maximising and Capturing Value
  • Culture and Working Environment
  • Developing Radical Performance Tools
  • Aligning KPIs and Performance with Strategy
  • Aligning KPIs Across Multiple Functions
  • Aligning KPIs Across Ecosystems
  • Business Simulation – Developing our Ideas

Day 4: Developing the Customer Value Proposition

  • Understanding Customer Requirements and Developing the Customer Proposition Framework
  • B2B – Using Big Data and Big Emotion effectively
  • B2B and B2B2C – Building Insights, Expertise and Credibility
  • Evolving Segmentation Customer Alignment Strategies
  • Developing Frameworks, Developing Solutions
  • Brand Evolution
  • Cross Sector and Cross Industry Brands
  • Ecosystem Positioning
  • Business Simulation – Developing our Ideas

Day 5: A Shared View &  Best Practive

  • Best Practice – the Big Picture
  • Developing a Shared View of the Future
  • Case-Studies – Exploring 5G and Connected Innovation Initiatives Globally
  • Business Simulation – Bringing it All Together
  • Business Simulation – Presentation & Feedback