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Course Overview

Essential to Maximise Performance

The aim of these workshops and briefing sessions are to spark real change and transformation within the organisation – whether it is …

  • cultural change that helps to build real competitive advantage in the form of innovation, creativity, and agility
  • change based on new organisational structures, systems and processes
  • behavioural change designed to maximise business performance
  • a change of focus as new opportunities are identified and evaluated
  • change that is designed to optimise current structures and processes

Standard Format

The standard workshop format comprises of short facilitated sessions followed by in-depth discussions and exercises that are designed to maximise creative and innovative thinking; ideas for value creation; critical analysis; and in-depth evaluation.

Action-plans, follow-up templates (to ensure continued commitment and momentum), and evaluation tools are provided as an integral part of the facilitation.

Alternative Formats

We also offer a number of alternative formats:

  • Full Workshop – presentations and facilitation sessions that follow the full standard format to maximise value
  • A shorter interactive presentation-based session that allows organisations to take the new knowledge and expertise back into the workplace in order to work with the ideas, and to spark innovative thinking, value creation and change
  • Briefings for senior managers and executives
  • Awareness sessions for the wider employee base that helps to set the foundation and context for change within the organisation
  • Live on Web sessions that allows the relevant topics to be presented/briefed across the organisation in a cost-effective format
  • Recorded / On-Line modules that can be accessed on demand – either as a one-off, or part of an ongoing talent development initiative

*Note: In order to maximise organisational value, delivery format options will be advised. All of our training interventions in this series are considered as bespoke solutions and will be tailored to organisational requirements.


Business Performance and Acceleration

These sessions set out the absolute foundation for successful organisations in the Digital Age – they explore the key areas that will enable accelerated growth / high performance and allow organisations to build sustainable competitive advantage

  • Innovation – Transforming Thinking, Organisational Culture, and our View of the Customer
  • Maximising Business Agility
  • Business Model Transformation & Dealing with Disruption
  • Customer Centricity in the Digital Age
  • Maximising People Potential – Aligning Strategy, Competencies & Behaviours
  • Transforming Business Development – Advanced Thinking for Selling Complex or Digital Solutions

Society and Workplace – Emerging Opportunities and Trends

Developing a much greater understanding ofthe changing world around us, these sessions explore ideas and concepts that are will drive future business, and deliver new opportunities for value creation

  • The Internet of Things
  • Smart Cities
  • The Connected Workplace
  • Connected Living
  • Customers and their Data – Privacy, Security, Ownership and Control

Corporate Governance & Finance

Tackling the increasingly important areas ethical business practices and compliance, these sessions deal with key areas of concern for all businesses that are serious about their future prosperity

  • Strategic alignment through effective KPIs and KBOs
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – Priorities for a Digital Age
  • Sustainability
  • Data Protection and Privacy
  • Corporate Finance

The Connected World

These are focused sessions that develop your understanding of how cutting edge communications, connectivity and networks are being deployed to support the next Digital Revolution

  • 5G – Powering Business in the Digital Age
  • Supporting the Digital Revolution – Technology Transformation
  • Maximising and Optimising Radio Connectivity
  • Focus on Convergence – Maximising the Opportunity
  • Communications and Connectivity – Technology Futures

Developing and Transforming the Telco / CSP

These sessions are designed as a comprehensive set of workshops to help operators and communication service providers transform and adapt with confidence – and with maximum cohesion and strategic alignment throughout the organisation.  

  • CSP Strategy – Maximising Innovation, Agility and Customer Insight
  • The Communications Service Provider 2016-2025
  • Developing the CSP Business – Exploring Best Practice
  • Maximising the Digital Services Opportunity
  • The Changing Customer Proposition