The Innovation Academy provides bespoke innovation training courses and executive management programmes that focused squarely on developing strategies, procedures and environments that maximise innovation, creativity and growth in order to build value and sustainable competitive advantage. Our programmes develop competencies that enable participants to immediately implement, industry-specific best practice value-creation within their organisation.

Innovation is the Key to Success

Innovation is the key to success in many industry sectors, especially for the wide range of hi-tech companies that are faced with the challenge of fast-moving competition and ever-changing customer demands. Business units that facilitate a strong culture of innovation; backed up by the right leadership, support structures and processes; and where performance is measured in a way that encourages, rather than destroys innovative thinking, will be much more likely to succeed in the long term than the vast majority of companies.

Informa is one of the world’s leading knowledge providers. It provides academics, businesses, and individuals with unparalleled knowledge, up-to-the minute information, and highly specialist skills and services. With over 6,000 employees working in over 100 offices in 25 countries, Informa’s global reach and breadth of offer is unique.

Why an Innovation Training and Development Company?

In dynamic and fast-changing sectors, most companies are unable to change their direction or their focus quickly enough to take advantage of new business models or opportunities, or to compete with low-risk start-ups. Innovation and creative thinking is the absolute key to maximising success – whether it is innovation in the Customer Proposition and solutions; innovation in business models and business structures; innovation in terms of value chains and partnerships; innovation in technology; or Innovation in terms of Sales and Marketing. As always, the right leadership, working environment and performance evaluation provides the foundation on which success is built.

We have built a range of programmes focused squarely on Innovation and Transformation to help business understand what they need to do to effectively innovate and succeed. The programmes are practical, hard-hitting, and demonstrate best practice using case studies and data from our partner, Ovum research. Ovum is part of the Informa Group and their mission is to create business advantage for their customers by providing actionable insight to support their business-critical decisions.