Driven by a number of key enablers impacting almost every industry and every region, the business environment has changed massively over the past five years. The shift to “on-line”, “mobile first”, “smart” and “digital” has impacted companies in ways that were hard to predict even ten years ago. Disruption in its many forms is a new reality for most of us – and inevitably, those companies who fail to adapt, develop and transform will not survive in the new world of business.

For those companies who have survived and even thrived so far, the second digital revolution is now upon us – and this time it isn’t just about connectivity and communication, or primarily involving telcos, ISPs and internet companies who target the consumer with relatively simple apps. The second digital revolution is happening across all industries, and involves highly integrated digital practices, increasingly complex value chains, and finding ways to effectively monetising deep customer insights. The pace of change is accelerating.

To be successful and to fully maximise business opportunities, it is clear that organisations need the right mind-set and DNA – and to fully embrace and organise their talent and capabilities around:

  • Innovation
  • Agility
  • Ability to Partner
  • Flexibility
  • Customer Awareness
  • Creativity

Most business leaders know that it is critical that their organisation transforms its culture and practices in order to maximise success, and we can help.  The Innovation Academy provide bespoke training and executive programmes focused squarely on transformation and developing strategies, mind-sets and business environments that maximise innovation, creativity and growth in order to build value and both sustainable and transient competitive advantage. Our programmes develop competencies that enable participants to immediately implement, industry-specific, best practice value-creation within their organisation.