Over and above the comprehensive training programme, additional support tools are provided to assist the participants to implement their learning in the work place. These programmes provide tools for implementation by participants, coaching by managers and peer mentorship using mastermind support groups to ensure continuity and implementation between training interventions. These support tools include:

Post Course Implementation Plan

This document is designed to encourage individual participants to reflect on the knowledge gained during the programme and to find ways of applying the concepts to their own workplace. Delegates are asked to make notes on ways to improve effectiveness in their own functional area, such as:

  • New ideas to increase sales and return on investment
  • Things that should be stopped as they are detrimental to the sales strategy
  • The contribution of those ideas to short- and long-term organisational value
  • The associated KPIs
  • Implementation requirements

 The “Mastermind” Peer Mentorship Tool

We will assist your team to establish structured Mastermind Groups where team members of various levels use a structured process to raise the bar by challenging each other to create and implement goals, brainstorm ideas, and support each other with total honesty and respect.

The peer mentorship tool provides the opportunity for peers to give feedback, help brainstorm new possibilities and set up accountability structures that keep everyone focused and on track. The Mastermind Teams will create a community of supportive colleagues who will brainstorm together to move each other to new heights.

Post Course Coaching Toolkit

Structured template driven coaching interventions linked to each training module will enable supervisors and managers to effectively coach, train, and further develop their team members. The coaching toolkit will create skillful leaders who use their ability to listen, reason, ask penetrating questions, and bring out the best in their employees.

The Coaching Toolkit will assist in:

  • Identifying the delegates core challenges or areas of improvement.
  • Linking these areas of improvement back to ideas or techniques in the classroom training.
  • Jointly brain storming options to improve the delegates knowledge, skills and abilities in these areas of improvement.
  • Creating measurable goals, actions and deadlines for implementation.
  • Identifying people and resources will assist in accomplishing their goals and objectives .
  • Identifying constraints and brain storming ways to overcome these challenges.

Team Based Business Simulations

The learning in the classroom will be further enhanced by team based business simulations specifically linked to the challenges of the business. Learning tools in these customised simulations include role-plays, case studies, debates, team exercises, fish bowl discussions and toolkits including e-books and book and audio summaries.

Workplace based Business Development Assignments

The Business Development Assignments will ensure rapid return on investment by ensuring each team members accountability to turn theory not only into practice but into consistent systems and productivity.

The tools include:

  • One Page Action Plan – linking company vision and values to individual actions and accountability
  • Daily Planning Tool – improved personal and team management
  • Personal Dashboard – linking performance targets to a highly visual one page report to ensure delivery and application is always top of mind.

These personal accountability tools will develop team members in both personal and professional areas of their life and ensure consistent application of theory and rapid results that simply cannot be achieved with stand alone training.